Apartment Decorating
The Cazizo Family

The Cazizo Family

If you grew up in a house, apartment living may come as a bit of a shock. There is no garage for storing everything under the sun, and the place may be both small and have limited storage.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. You just need to learn to adapt.

If you are really finding the space cramped, the very thing you should do is sort through your belongings and make three piles:

  • Keep.
  • Trash.
  • Sell or donate.

If you haven’t used it in over a year and it’s not being kept for compelling sentimental value, then trash it, sell it or give it away. When space is a at a premium, less is more.

After you have pared down your possessions to the essentials, you need to organize everything. This may involve investing in some good storage.

If you have a particular hobby or interest and you have a lot of a particular thing, you will want storage designed for it. So if you read a lot, you will want bookshelves. If you sew, you will need storage designed to appropriately accommodate sewing notions. Having the right kind of storage for the items in question can go a long ways towards maximizing space.

You should also look to use all space from floor to ceiling. Do not make the mistake of having short shelves. This will leave a lot of unused space above waist level that could be getting put to good use to free up floor space.

Make sure you have clear walkways throughout the space. You should be able to walk in the front door and go to all bedroom doorways or similar without having to route around some kind of obstruction. Having designated walkways clear of furniture is critical to a sense of spaciousness.

If you have a small dining space, you may still be able to accommodate a decent-sized dining table. You may be able to push it up against the wall and have chairs around the outside of it. This can still potentially accommodate four chairs all the time and can occasionally be pulled away from the wall to accommodate two more.

You can also buy under-the-bed storage to make good use of that space. This can be a gold mine of previously unused space that can be used to store seasonal items, like Christmas wrapping paper.

If you are a Fashionista, plan to have fewer outfits per season and update your wardrobe more frequently to scratch that itch. You may also be able to add a valet to help hold coats and shoes near the front door, extending your storage and making life more convenient.

Put frequently used items between shoulder and knee level. Storage above shoulder height or below knee level can be used for less frequently accessed items.

The key to maximizing storage is putting things where they get used. Don’t hesitate to use closed storage to minimize visual clutter.